s report from the Camp in Berne

Report VII

This is the 12th Sunday after Trinitatis. The weater spared us again. The Company will break down camp tonight and I am already on my way out o Berne. With a reasonably sized dizaine I am looking for a new camp ground near the street back to Burgundy. The final Joust is being held today and Jacques de Romont is praying for a final victory. We think he deserves it.

Last night, we saw a live edition of Sir Toby's talkshow on Reenactor TV, the channel where history is made. Not surprisingly Sir Tobi invited Toby Capwell for an interview. After a being trapped by a huge mess of ropes behind one of the cameras he found his seat and warmed up in the conversation. When surprise guest Charles the Bold appeared, the female audience was close to ripping their hood of. It was a splendid night.

Photo copyright by Anne Embleton, Company of St. George

Report VI

This is Thursday before St. Laurentius. The weather is still fair and we welcomed more people in the camp last night, when Henrik and the other friends from Sweden made it. In the evening, there was a surprise after the muster. Suddenly one of the dizaines came after me and Saara. They took hold of us and placed us at a decorative table, where we recieved roses from the whole company. As a gift for the upcoming wedding, we recieved two wonderful chandeliers and we enjoyed the dinner in the Company of Mathieu. Yesterday people started to wear paper badges with an "M" written on it. This seems to be some kind of fashion.

Photo copyright by Berne BHM, Christine Moor

Report V

This is Wednesday and it was a fine joust yesterday. We had delicious chicken for supper and Lieutenant Mathieu was really touched by the great many gifts he was offered. Among them was a useful megaphone, a good replica of a medieval helmet (in paper), a new drill for the Company, champagne, a patten for a child, fruit cakes for everyone, a pieve from a lance said to be a piece of the holy lance of St. George and a splendid bag with stitching containing 3 hooks he dearly wanted to have for such a long time.

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Report IV


It is Tuesday now and the knights are back on the field. One of the noblemen has recieved a fierce blow during one of the fights and he went down into the sand. With holy Marys help it was nothing serious and he rode again afterwards. We are spending happy days in the camp and the weather is fine. So fine in fact that the men forget to look after their tents and I would almost like to see a bit of rain and wind in the night to remind them to stay vigilant. Not to much though.

Today is the anniversary of the birthday of our magnificient Lieutenant Mathieu. For two days now all the dizaines are working on presents for him. Tonight's muster will be a happy one.

Photo copyright by Berne BHM, Christine Moor

Report III

It is Sunday now and I had to take over the kitchen myself. The cooks have been very exhausted after the feast. We had planned for a lot of fish, but then Seagras went out for a hunt with his men and they came back with a wild boar and a smiling face. The Joust is still running as planned and we have musicians in the camp now. I like the bosine very much, the sound is so clear in the morning. Tomorrow, the knights will not ride and we may take a stroll in the city again.

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Report II

This is Saturday after St. Marta and we had a calm night. I had instructed the night watch to pay very much attention to the tents but god held his guarding hands over our camp. The Lieutenant assembled a large guncrew and an armed dizaine last night when the city was in turmoil for a local holiday. So we marched out into the city and took the town hall of Berne in a surprise attack. Tonight there will be a courtly feast with the kights and I hope the cooks make a fine dish. They have sent two people to the market in the city to get some crayfish. I am sure this will impress the noblemen.

Photo copyright by Berne BHM, Christine Moor


Report I

This is Friday after St. Marta and it is a cloudy day. The first part
of the Company of St. George got to Berne on Thuesday setting up the
campground for the rest of the Company and supporting the knights
around Sir de Romont at their tournament very close to our camp. We are
having a headcount of 25 men, 9 women, 2 babies, 10 horses, 2 falcons a
mother pig and 7 piglets in the camp. Werner hurt his knee yesterday on
the stairs and Walter cut his finger. We are expecting two dozen
additional men and women today. We had a soup of peas and carrots for
lunch and the cooks got some fish from a local dealer for tonight, may
god bless them. I will need to make sure the tents are safe as the
cloud look as if a thunderstorm would be arriving.

Photo copyright by Berne BHM, Christine Moor



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