Filming in Chillon - Daily Life

The Company of St. George has been invited to appear in two educational movies for Chillon Castle on lake Geneva in Switzerland. Chillon is a wonderful castle and we seized the moment immediately. We teamed with la Compagnie des Quatre Lunes and spent a weekend in the castle. The movies were done by a professional filming crew of roughly 20 people from Point Prod SA, Geneva.

At first, we have been a bit reluctant to accept a full weekend of filming. Previous experiences with TV crews were rather negative at times. But then the filming started and we enjoyed the whole weekend very much.

We are very happy Castle Chillon has allowed us to use the movies on our blog. Here is the first one about the daily life in the castle in the late 15th century.

If watching the video in the browser does not work, then you can download it here. The Video is Copyright Castle Chillon, 2010.

I am personally not entirely happy with all the commentary to all the scenes. But I am very happy with the filming and the cutting of the scenes. My favorite is the one with the clerks and the accounting. This was also the one I was afraid it could look cheesy. But the guys from Point Prod made a brilliant job. If you look sharply, you will even see my name in one of the accounts.

By the way: We are happy that Chillon has invited us together with 4 Lunes todo a real reenactment event in the castle in September 2011 (Saturday 17 - Monday 19).

By Christian Folini, Company veteran member.

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