Blood and Roses in Oxford

 Christ Church College in Oxford holds a conference on the War of the Roses in March 2011. The list of speakers is remarkable. I like the following two particularly.

  • Arms and Armour of the late fifteenth century by Magnus Sigurdsson
  • The Army of Richard III by Anne Curry

There is also a reenactor - Simon Favell of Histeria - presenting a speech on 15th century dresses. I can not really tell if he has anything substantial to say. But I am very sure, that professor Anne Curry will do a very interesting presentation. If you have not seen her publications on the hundred years war, then you should absolutely read them.


Click on the image to get the full flyer of the event

The program includes a lot of interesting side activities in Christ Church College at Oxford University. One of the most noble colleges in England. You might also be intrigued by the idea to get to places in Christ Church that were only visible to non-members in the Harry Potter movies, which were partly shot in Christ Church.


By Christian Folini, Veteran Company member.

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