A few thoughts about the Blog

It has been a couple of months now, since we launched this blog. There has been an on-line survey prior to the first article. The return rate for this survey was very good and we got a clear idea about the interest of possible readers.

The one thing that really attracts your interest is research and advice. Somebody in the crowd said it this way: "Original essays from St. George's members... More or less like an on-line Dragon!!!" But there was also interest in information about the Company itself, upcoming events etc. In the end, there is supposed to be a mix of topics with a strong emphasise on dragon-like articles.

Naturally, every blog post is written by a medieval scribe (Photo by Jacques Maréchal)

I hope we were able to bring you exactly this. If you have been following this blog, did you get what you expected so far? Please let us know via email or a facebook comment.

The Company website always received a lot of visitors. This number is slowly on the rise since we started the blog. But we almost doubled the number of returning visitors.

What would be helpful is people promoting our articles elsewhere. Did you read the article on new books of interest? I am sure your friends will find one or two of these books very helpful for the hobby. You should tell them about it! You can send the link via email or post it to an on-line forum. At the bottom of every article, there is a facebook button. Click this and you can post a link to your facebook profile (in case you have one). If there is interest, we can also add buttons for other social networks.

There is no on-line comment section enabled so far. People ask about this feature from time to time. But I doubt the interest is big enough already. Do you think you would write comments and participate in on-line discussions here on the blog? If you think you would, then please vote by clicking here and we'll count the votes/clicks. If it's enough, we'll enable the comment functionality.

Finally, let me tell you about a few articles in the queue that we plan to release in the coming weeks or months:
- Experiences of a Lieutenant in Liebegg
- A junior research paper on the historical accuracy or reenactment shoes
- A report on how to reproduce a book of hours
- A primer on lace and point making
- Possibly an article describing the forging of a sword
- Noble Serving according to the writings of Olivier de la Marche
- First hand reports from the medieval kitchen in Nykobing
- The making of a small medieval altar
- An introductory article about an upcoming book on English Armour
 - A book review or two

This should take us to the end of the year. Afterwards it depends on a new editorial team within the Company. We have somebody interested in the job, but we need two or three additional people to form a team around the blog. (Company members: Would not this be a job for you? It's very interesting work and it gets you in contact with a lot of people within and outside
of the group. Just send me a message!)

I hope you stay committed. If you want to make sure you do not miss an article, then I suggest you subscribe to the rss-feed. This is the link.

By Christian Folini, Veteran Company member.

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