A Set of Carving Knives

Noble culture is representative. You could say that in order to qualify as a medieval noble, you had to be a show-off. Nothing to show - can't be a noble then. One of the big challenges for the event in Denmark is to setup a representative display of nobility. Given the size of his retinue (the Company of St. George, that is), our knight and lord is no unimportant man. So the level of noble equipment has to be raised even more.

Carving Knives
A set of burgundian carving knives for the noble table (Photo by Tod's stuff)

We have thus identified key items which can help us define the display of noble culture. In this blog post, I am presenting you a group of these key items: The carving knives.

The catalogue of the bernese exposition on Charles the Bold and his court features a set of carving knives on page 291. Based on these originals, Tod's Stuff made three copies for us. They are going to be used at the table of our lord and master; mainly by the Escuyer Tranchant, the servant who cuts up the meat for the lord and his family.

Carving Knives
A detailed view of the carving knives for the noble table (Photo by Tod's stuff)



By Christian Folini, Veteran Company member.

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