A Return to Lenzburg

The relationship between the Company of St. George and castle Lenzburg date to the early days of our group. A handful of happy events took place on that comfortable hilltop in the 1990ties. Famous competitions have been carried out and our former Captain John left a lasting memory, when he fled backwards from his exploding boat in the pond, tripping and falling into the tub filled with watered stockfish.

But then the management changed and our presence ended for more than a decade. But finally the old Lenzburg spirit returned with the new director Thomas Pauli-Gabi, who invited us back for our 2009 event designed together with curator Thomas Rorato.

In the clip below, you see us preparing our installation in the castle in 2009.  The tool we used is not very accurate. But meanwhile the medieval version has been restored and maybe, we can really put it into practice this Summer when we return to Lenzburg. 

What other plans do we have for the event?

The exposition in the castle is devoted to gender history and especially to women in front of the law. We are trying to contribute to these topics by bringing along quite a few female artisans who will present their craft to the audience. We are not stating, that women have been priviledged in the medieval world, but their options for a life outside of the household have been far wider than after the reformation.

Furthermore, we will present a juridical case to you. The case of a women in court. Defending her life in front of the Bernese Judge who can either release her, or punish her with the death penalty. We are not revealing any details just yet, but you can be sure that this is going to be beyond what you see at normal Company events and far closer to the sources than the simple plays at medieval  market events.

Come and see for yourself!

By Christian Folini, Veteran Company member