15th Century Miniatures by Michael Perry

Christian asked me to put something together on the release of my box of Mercenaries, European Infantry 1450-1500. They are 28mm plastic multi-part wargames figures made to complement the first box of Wars of the Roses Infantry I produced last year for Perry Miniatures. 

A selection of painted figures of the new miniatures box (Photo by Michael Perry)

It certainly helps being a member of the Company of St George and the White Company when model making in terms of clothing, armour or just how to hold a weapon correctly. There is a pair of arms in the box using a hand and a half sword in the Thalhoffer defence mode. I first came across this method of fighting whilst watching Hartmut and Marcus using it to great effect at LePuy in 1989 or 1990! They were brilliant at it, they might still be for all I know!

There are 40 figures that can made up as pike, halberdiers, handgunners or crossbowmen with a choice of 60 separate heads. Pavises, various polearm heads plus command arms (drums, sword arms, etc) are included. I have also added a sheet of 26 banners for those who find painting flags impossible.

The full set of figures in the box. By default, equipped with pikes (Photo by Michael Perry)

I intended with this box of figures to roughly cover Northern Europe in terms of arms, armour and clothing. Obviously, there were minor differences according to area and preferences of armour and helmets in different regions. The box brings a combination of different styles. By picking individual heads and arms you can put the focus on an individual region.

The box is £18 (+p&p) and can be ordered from www.perry-miniatures.com

Sorry if this sounds like an advert, which I suppose it is, in a way!

All the best and Merry Christmas!

By Michael Perry, Veteran Company member.

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